Monday, 7 December 2009

Day 7 Picture 7

Fergal Sharkey, a good heart these days is hard to find but Fergal was gentle with mine. It was the end of the worst and best quiz night ever (which he was part of... on a losing team mind). There was a bit of chaos towards the end, more of which later, but like a half arsed pap I got my photo... if you squint he his smiling more than me

I have to say the quiz was poor, it was drawn out and the quiz master was a total tool. Matt Bristow's face says what we were all feeling at this point.

Due to a huge amount of skill on our teams part we made it to the sudden death, Adam Velasco and his smile marked the change of mood in the camp

The result was decided on an arm wrestle between the two teams with the winning scores...

Which Richard Martin won for the the Cherry Red team

The Cherry Red Team

There was a big prize bag but me and Dean went for the Johnnie Walker Gold...


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