Saturday, 5 December 2009

Day 4 Picture 4

Phil Jones... I was Djing at the Big Chill House last night for the Names Record/ The Local night. Me Phil (the soundman) and Caitlin (who was playing) were having a look at one of the other Dj's records. We came across a seven inch and Phil said that the design of the label was his favouite ever. I had a quick look in my box and found a record with the same label. I asked Phil if he had it. He said no so i gave him my copy. This produced the smile you see captured above.

This is the record in question. He is right it is a lovely label.

Howard Monk organised the night, he smiles a lot. I will save him for a headline spot on another day. I liked this smile though... I think i was trying to make his flat cap more 'street'.

Caitlin Rose is a lovely singer but I did not manage to make her smile... I have a few days left to do so.

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