Friday, 11 December 2009

Day 11 Picture 11

Richard Martin, Today in the office there was a couple of arguments about music. Rob duly started it by putting on the Chipmunk album... it was very bad, but Rob refused to take it off. Later in the day Richard put an album on... I can't actually remember what the album was but I thought it sounded like one thing and young Richard another, we fell out for a brief moment and I called him a 'cloth eared cl**n'... he took it the right way... anyway it turns out you can make some one smile by calling them a rude name. Who would of thought it.

Lina Jamoul, I worked with Lina at UELSU or The University Of East London Student Union. She was the communication officer and I ran the ents and one of the bars. We had previously been comrades in various political adventures when I was still a student. I have a memory that we once had some kind of deal that at some point we would get married... I have a feeling that this deal will not make her brilliant 100 day blog...

Fergus McKenna, Emily was not well so she decided not to go out and keep the little ones at hers. Not wanting to miss out on a cuddle from the little ones (and an offer of a stir fry) I popped in on my way home from work. After dinner there was silence from the boy when his name was called so I went to investigate... I found him on his sisters bed wearing her belt around his head like a big gay John Rambo. At first you could argue that I did not cause this smile... that is until I point out that he is his fathers son.

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