Thursday, 31 December 2009

Day 30 Picture 30

Tim McKenna, My brother Tim and me enjoyed a quiet night in with the telly. During 'My Name is Earl' there was some discussion as to which of us was more 'Earl' and which was more 'Randy' as the oldest and sporter of the best facial hair i thought the answer was obvious but Tim might have been able to argue that I am a little fatter... I always thought the Pictish Trail had something of the Randy about him next to king Creosote's Earl but I think I am in a gang of one.

A smile to share, I nearly wet myself when I saw this in the Craggy Island... I mean Lancashire Telegraph. Local News for local people.

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  1. only in the telegraph!!! you just gotta love it! glad i don't there any more like, but with headlines like that, there's no compare is there? big belly chuckle from my direction.