Sunday, 6 December 2009

Day 6 Picture 6

Lesley Pinder, I ran around Greenwich park today for 5k dressed as Santa for Lesley... if there is an easier way to make a girl smile then I am yet to find it. Lesley works for Book aid which send lots of books out to africa so the kids get a good education so we can steal them to work in our hospitals and run our internet scams. A couple of weeks ago she sent out a massive group email to ask if anyone would do a 5k charity run dressed as santa, I said yes... I was the only one out of 20 who did, thankfully Ade and Keith eventually fell foul to her bully tactics of the promise of a fabulous lunch and a clean karma sweep. The run was fun... well not the run but the fact that so many people huffed and puffed dressed as santa and the amazing lunch Lesley cooked, that was fun.

Ade Brown, Ade has a dodgy knee so walked the course as past of his own 100 day goodness.

Keith Davidson, I only met Keith today... the original plan was to pretty much to walk the 5k, run at the start and the end when people could see us. Keith thought it might be nice to run the whole thing... I ran with Keith.

Good Santa

Bad Santa

Also smile miss number 3 at Brixton station. The guy in front of me on the escalator was carrying loads of Christmas shopping and in charge of a toddler. He lost his footing and started to fall, I helped stop him fall down back towards the trains. Big smile no photo... ah well


  1. Bad Santa indeed, actually sounds like you were the good samaritan santa. Nice work!

  2. Nice one Dom... glad to see you're still on the tabs. Did you have enough sherry to last the whole journey? It must have been a lorra lorra fun.