Thursday, 17 December 2009

Day 16 Picture 16

Meg Greenhorn, I work with Meg to make her smile I (we) hatched the perfect escape plan from a bad party and I also took time out to enjoy her cat cards that she got as her secret santa. ( I am allergic to cats but not cat cards). The party was one we were invited to through work, it was held in a seedy and slightly dilapidated nightclub under a seedy and dilapidated hotel in Earls Court. The music was rubbish and too loud, the free booze situation was shambolic. We escaped to the pub for a couple of nice drinks and then returned to the party without being missed. The music was still rubbish and too loud, but (more importantly) the free booze situation was much less shambolic. I missed the last train home and it took me two and a half hours to get back to Islington... The End.

The main picture of meg is not very good, let's just say I was experiencing technical difficulties.

The Dance floor at 8.30pm

The Dance floor at midnight


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