Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Day 1 Picture 1

Richard Anderson, I told Richard that the record he put on ebay had 2 bids and had gone past the magic £5.50 mark. Two things about this photo…

1. I told him this news whilst he was yawning.

2. The record in question is one he made with King Creosote and is limited to 24 copies on 7 inch sold on ebay on the 24 advent days… nice

I guess now is the time to fess up that I work for an indie record label and most of my friends are massive nerds, so don’t be surprised if the smiles on this are on occasion caused by dodgy indie music.


  1. That's a satisfied indie grin.

    Do you do requests? Maybe you could photograph one that's a result of a Geneva single by March...?

  2. good one - don't worry about asking folk to let you take a snap.... you're a cahrmer. it'll be easy

  3. that should say charmer - clearly....