Thursday, 31 December 2009

Day 29 Picture 29

Rob Cotter, A day out in Manchester... checking out the sights and sounds of this fantastically diverse cultural city... or sitting in a tiny underground bar converted from a public toilet... Once comfortable and furnished with pints in the converted public toilet me and Rob had a great time drinking and talking about music. There was many smiles from Rob at my naive view point that Neil Young is a superior artist to Bob Dylan and many smiles from me that Neil Young is little more than Van Morrison's Trans-Atlantic cousin.

Ashley Chip Shop, Rob and I met Ashley in the Chip Shop at late O'clock, He could not stop smiling, nor in fact could his lovely girlfriend but I had been stuck underground with rob for many hours with just beer as sustenance so I only managed this picture of smiley Ashley with his eyes closed.

*Missed Smile # 64*

Bloody Guy Garvey... In the tiny pub was Guy Garvey and his pal Pete over the course of the afternoon due to a shared love of the occasional cigarette with our pints I found myself in friendly pub chat with a very genial Guy Garvey and caused several smiles and at least one belly laugh. I decided not to take his picture as I am guilty of taking his picture at the Mojo awards earlier this year and to do it twice would be a bit... a bit... a bit stalker.

One from the smile archive... fuck me I have put on some timber since June!!

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  1. Ooooooooo yer buggers. When were you and Cotter in the Temple? I'd have been up for a bit of that...mind you - I was in Liverpool and North Wales from 25th to 29th December.

    You've caught Rob's Robert Mitchum eyes bob on there Dom.