Monday, 21 December 2009

Day 18/19 Picture 18/19

James Breton, James, the shy and retiring Katy and a few more of us went round to Jane's house for a late supper on Friday night. Everyone had had busy weeks so it was meant to be a nice gentle Christmas treat. Jane cooked up a storm everyone brought round a nice bottle and things were set for some civility in this crude and over the top time of year. Unfortunately we all seemed to have missed the memo. By twelve we had run out of wine, normally at this point in the evening I blend into the wallpaper and wait for someone much nicer than me to volunteer for the inevitable off licence run. In my quest for smiles I stood up to the mark and not only volunteered but insisted. Twenty minutes later after a journey into the frozen tundra of Hackney I returned laden with 6 bottles of wine and 40 cigs, I returned to many smiles and a brief round of applause. Things at this point did unravel a little as more people joined in the 'relaxed supper' the party, as it had most certainly turned into, carried on into Saturday which is why this post covers two days. The fact of the matter is I had to cancel Saturday and any smiles it may have brought.

Above is selection of smiles from the evening to make up for my slackness on the Saturday.

Amidst all the smiles the worlds newest and easily the best boyband was formed. As yet unnamed the band will be bringing it's own brand of pop, dub-step, indie, alt country and up front techno power ballads to a packed arena near you very soon.

Four things I learned on Friday and Saturday

- I am not 25
- Self mocking humour only works for a limited time
- I am not allowed to describe Jon Hopkins as ambient any more.
- I have some pretty funny and lovely friends.

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