Saturday, 5 December 2009

Day 5 Picture 5

Fergus McKenna, Fergus, Annie and me went to see Santa at Sutton House in deepest darkest Hackney. He is a smiling expert and gave me a big one with teeth as we waited our turn.

Eleanor Lowenthal, not a great picture and a bit of a cheat. Eleanor owns the wonderful Pages bookshop on Lower Clapton Rd. I popped in to get out the rain. Apparently she does not smile if you just take a picture of her and ask her to smile... I beg to differ.

Mike Martin, Mike Biddle to his friends. He founded the best bar in Hackney by a long shot. He is still smilling despite *insert potentially libelous story involving a bristol based 90's popular music star* and the fact his perm has washed out.

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