Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Day 9 Picture 9

Daved 'Nash' Bridges, Daved changed his Facebook relationship status to single, even though he sits just a a few feet in front of me it would have been rude not to offer a supportive comment or two. Apparently I am well placed, at least in the terms of office geography to be his next suitor... I think this smile is chalked down to 'locker room chat'. I guess that over the course of 100 smiles some are going to be more worthy than others. It should be pointed out that young Daved has provided me and countless others with many smiles over the year with his 'fashion'. He mixed 80's ironic chic with a slightly rock edge with an effortless charm that prompted us at some points to seriously think about changing the company name to 'Club Tropicana'.

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