Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Day 56 Picture 56ish

The Olo Worms- Mark, Gareth, Matt and James. Beautiful boys and Fence Records very own boy band. They played at the Luminaire and were really rather good. We met in the pub for a pre match drink and pulled faces at each other. Matt won at 'face pulling' but totally lost at 'not looking like a Merecat'.

I also managed a snap of The Pictish Trail looking hotter than a bag full of Take That.

Day 55 Retro Picture 7

Cara Leighton, Judging by this smile I am sure one or both of us has told a dirty joke or passed rude comment about one another... In fact knowing Cara and knowing me (ah ha) it can be the only explanation.

Day 54 Retro Picture 6

Paul McGuinness, another of Calum's lovely pictures. Me and Paul are behaving like school children as some poor sod trys to sing us a song... well school children full of Buckfast and Carlsberg. That lamp in the foreground can be seen topless in day 53, thankfuly me and Paul can not.

Day 53 Retro Picture 5

The Casino Kids... Jen and Calum Gordon, The Anstruther Mafioso's most beautiful. Jen plays songs under the name HMG Ginifore and can reduce a room of hairy rough looking chaps to tears. Calum can take photographs of that same rough looking group of men and make them look respectable with his fantastic photos. I think I am asking permission to say something cheeky in this one...

A year later and I think I may have just said something cheeky in this one.

Poor Anneliesa Jane... I have no idea what I am singing but I think that is more a look of fear than anything else... not sure why I included that picture... actually it is because I was looking through Calum's pictures and it made me smile.

Day 52 Retro Picture 4

Stephanie Gibson, I can only imagine the very lovely Stephanie is smiling at either my fat face or silly hair... actually she might be smiling because we had managed to get drunk in two cities (I had two lunches) and see The National all in one day... and still make it to the pub for a late drink. Actually with hindsight she is probably still smiling at the fact whilst running for a train laden with heavy record cases my jeans kept falling down and showing my bum.

Day 51 Retro Picture 3

John'Amino' Newman, The train back from Scotland, two hungover beardy men know just what the other needs... more beer and a little cuddle... it's a beautiful beautiful thing.

Day 50 Retro Picture 2

Random girl at the Greenman festival, pretty girl in wellies laughs/ smiles at the chubby man throwing his daughter around outside the Folky Dolky tent during a Greenman from the past. I am that chubby man.

Day 49 Retro Smile 1

Gareth Jones, The Beefball is an annual football match that takes place as part of the Fence Records Homegame festival. Basically 20 or so unhealthy blokes run around with hangovers in front of assorted woman folk and more sensible men until it is time to drink again. Gareth did not understand the premise and spent the first half tackling me and generally being good at football, to counter this at half time I stole him and got him to play for my team.

Disaster !

On Friday (day 53) my phone went walkies... given that I use my phone to take my pictures and it contained 5 smiles that I had not posted this leaves me in a spot of bother, so..... here's the plan- I am going to post 7 pictures from the archive of me and someone smiling... Retro smiles. Then from day 56 back to business. I hope no one minds too much... no? good!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Day 48 Picture 48

Jamie Rogers, Jamie is my youngest brother. Today we went to see Blackburn beat Fulham 2-0 which should be reason enough for a smile given our recent form. My friend Jane works for ESPN and managed to get me a couple of tickets for today's game, because my friend Jane works for ESPN the tickets were hospitality tickets. This meant turning up at 1pm for a 3 course meal and lot's and lot's of free drinks in a box with some lovely folk from the Lancashire Post. I will never be able to enjoy football any other way. The only 'funny' thing about today was because it's Blackburn they had a 'smart casual' dress code, because I live in London and don't go anywhere fancy I have not come across that in fifteen years... since I last tried to go clubing in Blackburn... actually I once was not let in an O'Neils in Watford with trainers on, I made a massive fuss with the bouncers, the manager and allsorts so I try not think about that too much... I mean Watford! Watford is a shit hole. I shaved my beard off... this is linked to the dress code and linked to the poor upkeep of my beard... anyway I am updating this on the train back to London full of free booze and happy thoughts, I'll stop now. Good day out with Jamie, smiles all round.

Day 47 Picture 47

David Rogers, Dave is my stepdad, he got me into The Clash, Joy Division and Bruce Springsteen way before I was old enough to be cool or uncool. He cooks amazing food and has great taste in wine... sadly he is a Manchester City fan. Tonight he cooked his Spanish pork casserole which made me smile and I sat and watched Man City on the telly with him which brought this smile... any smiles after 10pm would have been red wine smiles.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Day 46 Picture 46

The 100 Days People. I met my friend and fellow 100 dayer, Paul (or Hardsparrow as he is known to the teaming masses... ) at the pub for the 100 day social, he had to leave at 8.30 to meet his lovely sister for a curry, so my plan was if 'the social' was not any good then I was going to pretend I was invited to Paul's curry night (i was invited but had accidentally eaten 2 dinners in the pub). As it turned out Paul had to tear himself away and I got the last southbound northern line (via bank) and found myself stumbling drunk wondering where the time had gone. The 100 days lark seems only to attract beautiful people with beautiful friends. I met a man from Ratwenstawl and a man from Penmaenmawr, both were impressed by the extent of my local knowledge. I write this still a little drunk on a train. If anyone lost any ear muffs (i said muffs) please get in touch.

Day 45 Picture 45

The Kids by Matt Sewell, I got this painting done a couple of years ago by the amazingly talented Matt Sewell he is not only super talented but looks a bit like a young Bruce Springsteen, the chicks dig it... I will bring you his smile before these 100 days are up... anyways the reason I am using this picture is because the only people I managed to make smile today were Annie and Fergus. Sue me.

Day 44 Picture 44

Katy Southwood, Katy is Dean's girlfriend, Dean runs The Strongroom, I DJ at The Strongroom... wow I should write that story down at some point. Katy came to see me in my specially constructed booth designed so I can't see the people and the people can't see me... (both parties like it better this way), we caught up, laughed at mutual friends (mainly Dean) and had a jolly nice time. At the end of it I said 'smile please' and she did... sometimes it is easy.

Day 43 Picture 43

Matt Ingham, the new boy at work. He makes a good cup of tea, he has survived the 'Paul.. Eric Clapton test', the 'Richard... Aphex Twin for breakfast test and the 'Rob... Bowling For Soup test'. I think he enjoyed the last one but I won't (secretly will) hold that against him. I got this smile using the work smile currency... Tea!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Day 42 Picture 42

My Freezer, I filled my freezer with lots of home made food... soups, stews and a couple of cheap pies... nice.

Day 41 Picture 41

Kate Atkin, today was Kate's birthday so I popped to the pub and said hello. She is not always in London these days as she is a successful artist type, she is off to New York in a few days for FIVE WEEKS... lucky cow. I went out for Kate's birthday nine years ago, we all dressed in red for no good reason...

Day 40 Walk 1

The walk from the sofa to the fridge and back... epic.


Proper epic.

Day 39 cartoon 1

Very poor.


Really very good.

Day 38 Picture 38

Emma, Emma works at The Strongroom, I was djing there. Emma came to say hello and left her phone and cigs while she went off for a bit. I stole a cig (I gave up on the 5th of Jan) and took a picture of myself on her phone and set it as wallpaper/screensaver and all that jazz... she bloody loved it.

Someone begining with T, she came requesting Blur and The Stone Roses, she told me her name started with a T dropped a glass of wine and buggered off... I grabbed a smile.

Day 37 Dinner 1

Two Pizzas...

Oh yeah!