Sunday, 17 January 2010

Day 48 Picture 48

Jamie Rogers, Jamie is my youngest brother. Today we went to see Blackburn beat Fulham 2-0 which should be reason enough for a smile given our recent form. My friend Jane works for ESPN and managed to get me a couple of tickets for today's game, because my friend Jane works for ESPN the tickets were hospitality tickets. This meant turning up at 1pm for a 3 course meal and lot's and lot's of free drinks in a box with some lovely folk from the Lancashire Post. I will never be able to enjoy football any other way. The only 'funny' thing about today was because it's Blackburn they had a 'smart casual' dress code, because I live in London and don't go anywhere fancy I have not come across that in fifteen years... since I last tried to go clubing in Blackburn... actually I once was not let in an O'Neils in Watford with trainers on, I made a massive fuss with the bouncers, the manager and allsorts so I try not think about that too much... I mean Watford! Watford is a shit hole. I shaved my beard off... this is linked to the dress code and linked to the poor upkeep of my beard... anyway I am updating this on the train back to London full of free booze and happy thoughts, I'll stop now. Good day out with Jamie, smiles all round.

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