Saturday, 16 January 2010

Day 46 Picture 46

The 100 Days People. I met my friend and fellow 100 dayer, Paul (or Hardsparrow as he is known to the teaming masses... ) at the pub for the 100 day social, he had to leave at 8.30 to meet his lovely sister for a curry, so my plan was if 'the social' was not any good then I was going to pretend I was invited to Paul's curry night (i was invited but had accidentally eaten 2 dinners in the pub). As it turned out Paul had to tear himself away and I got the last southbound northern line (via bank) and found myself stumbling drunk wondering where the time had gone. The 100 days lark seems only to attract beautiful people with beautiful friends. I met a man from Ratwenstawl and a man from Penmaenmawr, both were impressed by the extent of my local knowledge. I write this still a little drunk on a train. If anyone lost any ear muffs (i said muffs) please get in touch.

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  1. Hello Dominic, was lovely to meet you the other day at the social, glad you decided to stick around! Have you found the owner of the earmuffs yet?!