Sunday, 13 December 2009

Day 12 Picture 12

Random Irish Girl, I was Djing last night at the Strongroom... it was a busy night and as is the norm I got loads of people requesting songs. This young lady came up and asked for about twenty songs, I played at least 2 of them 'Tainted Love' and 'Thriller' (which is a great record to end the night on by the way). I didn't manage to take her picture during the night as it is bloody dark in The Strongroom and I was busy looking for all the songs she requested but I did bump into her on the 214 on the way home. The people who asked for Alice In Chains and Cheryl Cole did not leave with smiles but if anybody had wanted to listen to Kids of America by Kim Wilde they would definatly have left with big smiles.

Leah Stuttard and Jussi Tolvi, I have know Leah since we were 17 we may have been boyfriend and girlfriend for a little while when we were young. If you are a fan of medieval music you will no doubt recognise her as she is a very much in demand harpist. She and her lovely fella Jussi popped into The Strongroom to surprise me which was nice. To return the favour I played ' Wish I Was Skinny' by the Boo Radleys which as effectively as any time machine available on the market today transported us both back to being young and being in dodgy Blackburn nightclubs.

The Pictish Trail, I posted this link on the Fence Records forum... it made the young lad Pictish smile, so i asked him to send me his smile all the way from Fife. He said he would not and sent me a picture of his big nosed stunt double instead.

Fergus McKenna, again, sorry. I made Fergus a Ben Ten watch from a loo roll tube... if anyone from Blue Peter reads this, please get in touch.

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  1. aha, now i understand the role this blog thing is playing in your life. you have a very good opener for pretty girls. go dom!